Black Cumin Seed Oil

Black seed is a type of plant and a relative of the buttercup family; the seed of which has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, particularly throughout ancient Egypt. In fact, the ancient Egyptians believed that black cumin seed oil was necessary to take with them to the afterlife! As with many such traditional medicines, modern science has more recently been able to test several of the potentially curative properties of the ingredient and in this case, the results have been very promising – though not without caveats.

 Reportedly, the prophet Mohammed is quoted as saying that black cumin could cure ‘anything but death itself’. That’s a rather lofty claim and quite the testimonial, but while its benefits may not go quite that far, it certainly looks like a good addition to any health diet.

Specifically, black seed (also known as nigella sativa, black cumin or fennel flower) appears to have potential benefits for the immune system and may also be useful as a natural antihistamine. Interestingly, it may also reduce the likelihood of pregnancy.